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New member
When the servers went down, I stopped playing l4d. There is just no other server and community like this. I'm really happy to see you guys back!

Sgt. Salvador

New member
Excited EM is back. When I got on, I immediately saw an entire server populated by people from Mexico who didn't know how to use the mod, and I was like "Ahh, just like the old EM."


New member
I haven't logged into left for dead for months. Since EM shut down the game holds so little long term attraction online compared to others. There is only so much slow crawl basic game one can take. I finally grudged up and decided to try to play the basic game tonight and I saw with glee that EM was in my list! Yippee! lol. Back on the forum again and now back to premium again. Buy the premium. Pay for it folks. You will miss it if you lose it.