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How to Team Stack 101 - VISVIM


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Hello friends

It seems that some players like to cry fowl "team-stack" at any given opportunity these days.
This saddens me greatly because most of you dick cheese don't even know what that means.

Thats allright, as a senior dogshit tier player with eM for over 5 Years now, I can proudly say i know
all the ins and outs of our little community.

First you need to educate yourself. Learn who the regulars are. Most regs would gladly swap teams even if it means
joining a severely "loosing" side. They care more about having fun than seeing the score point.

Is your best friend on that team? MAKE AN ARRANGEMENT. Ask him to come over to promote balance. Sure. Go ahead. 👍
I like to play with Choco so i can call him a turd nugget, even if that means
joining his team with a score of 18 to 1400.

Is the team you're on (currently loosing) and you want to hop to the winning team? NO Dude, you are a BIG CUNT. :mad:
There's nothing else to say, you are a cause of the problem. Probably no one likes playing with you. You know who you are.
We all know who you are.

Is the team you're on filled with noob players from X region who speak english? STAY ON THAT TEAM.😎
They need your help. Use a bind that helps them understand better.
Example: "This is a modded server, Type !buy" "You can buy guns and health"
More than often, one out of three will try to use the mod. Dont expect them to become god tier all of a sudden.

Is the team you're on filled with noob players from X region who DONT speak english? TRY TO STAY ON THAT TEAM 🥵
These noobs know they are on the loosing team. YOU are their leader. If you leave, they will feel demoralized and leave.
Which means now everyone looses because whats the point of crushing noobs when there's only bots left. Then now
everyone leaves.
If you stay and play, some on your team might leave. If they leave, you have a HIGHER PROBABILITY of a REGULAR joining.

So you followed my advice and it still sucks. Your team may or may not use the mod, and the other team is absolutely
crushing 💀💀💀 before you can leave the safe room.


Ask for help.
This is a no brainer but everyone has their pride.

Most regulars will be happy if you asked them nicely. Dont say shit like "nice team stack such skill very pro"
Do you think anyone wants to help an asshole? Of course not. Maybe thats why some dont help.
Nobody wants to be on the loosing team naturally, but like we said earlier, most regulars are kind to help.

Example: "Hi could someone please switch? Im the only one who is using the mod on my team right now"

eM is a versus 4 v 4 server. Which means at any point in time, only 8 players can participate in the game. Expecting a fair game always
will be out of the question. BE REALISTIC.

Expecting help to come just because you asked for it also may not work. Put yourself in others place sometimes.
If you are in a discord chat with 3 friends on the same team would you want to switch? Of course not. You guys are having a good time together.

4 regs vs you = refer to point above and ask for help, put bind to help new players.
4 regs vs you + 1 reg = Be THANKFUL. At least someone on your team uses the mod efficiently. If struggling as for help.
4 regs vs you + 2 reg = Is this really a cause for concern? Youre handicapped 1 player, its NOT A BIG DEAL.
4 regs vs you + 3 reg = So your team is skilled, but youre loosing. If youre upset about this, you shouldnt be on this server. You should be banned.

Ill share with you a quote from a peruvian player with 1000 points.

"The best of players don't give a fuck who's on their team. Because they can carry them all, and fuck up the other team."


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Apologies for profanity used, its just how I do. If not suitable, will edit. But i rather keep it real with you.


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Man VISVIM... I am amazed you had the time to write this PhD paper concerning what is now widely considered a dead community... Time to pass on that dopamine hit onto something else bro... Guess I am gonna try PUBG real life.