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Too Many People Team Stack

Sairek Ceareste

New member
I don't want to sound like a whiny brat or anything like that, but ever since the server came back up and I've gone back to it, this has been something that happens almost every single game.

Scores always look like something akin to this:

Always 4 veterans of the servers stacking against randoms joining in and out.

It's not fun being 4 other veterans' punching bags as they band together to farm points (apparently) and it makes the game practically unplayable when you're the other side because it's so one-sided. Half the time I'm in a 4v1 and I ask someone to come even the teams up and nobody ever budges.

There's also cases where people will immediately team switch to the side with the most points, even if it means shoving someone else to the other side of team who hasn't loaded and yet. Again, these are veterans of the server and others give them a free pass. But if any new person does this, it's an automatic kick from the other veterans.

I have also seen cases of people, who have less than 25 points (the default points with premium bonuses), quit the match and rejoin to obtain more points instantly. This feels incredibly exploitative to me.

I thought team stacking was supposed to be against the rules now, anyways?


New member
That photo can't be from the present... it looks like back in 2013. Jeez how can people still get butthurt in this community is beyond me.